K- Beauty Review

K-Beauty Review :
[ Son & Park Beauty Water ] 

Today Ill be reviewing the highly popular 'Son & Park Beauty water' :)
I recently brought some samples of this product and have tried it myself to test if it was worth the hype. 

I used it when my skin was vert sensitive and had patchy dry areas that was also itchy, so I don't think that was such a good idea for me at that time. 

But ill re-review it once i get the chance to~ after using it, i realised my skin was soft and smoother the day after, which was surprising to me since i had patchy skin at that time ( it was still patchy and irritated but it was a little bit less compared to the day before ). Whilst using it, it didnt irritate the dry and itchy areas which was also surprising and a bonus to me,since most of the good cleansers brought up some redness and irritation on my skin :/

  • non- irritating for really sensitive skin
  • makes your skin smooth the next day 
  • shouldnt be used when significant signs of eczema can be seen ( i guess the best way is to wait till it clears up a bit ) 
Overall, i rate it a 8/10 because i have to trail it when my skin has cleared up :)

I really do like how this product is working but i stopped after a while since i was waititng for my skin to clear up, so like i said before, ill re-review it ^^

have a good day everyone <3

- julia



Heyy ^^ its been a while so i decided to update everyone. Lately I haven't been buying any beauty products, hence not posting any reviews. I really need to invest in a good cleanser so I'm open to any suggestions of any cleansers for dry and sensitive skin.

I cant seem to cleanse everyday since it dries out my skin and leaves flaky patches on my face, so im using my moisturizer as a cleanser when I need to remove any makeup.

I've been guessing that the foundation I use is making me breakout or leaves my face itchy and dry after I wash it off, but then again it might be the cleanser so I'm not definite yet. Once I get back into the routine of buying new products ill be sure to update on this blog :)

I also found a new beauty tip that has been around for a while but found out how to use it properly only recently. It ups my makeup game: so I've been using concealer on my lips before applying any lip products. It reveals the true colour of my lipstick and it makes it look way more pigmented.

I don't know why I didn't do this earlier~

Well that's all for today i suppose, I'm sure ill be back soon with more reviews :)

Until then, have a good day everyone <3 xx

K-Beauty Review

K- Beauty Review

Heyyheyy ^^ im back with another k-beauty review~

First up ill be reviewing the gel cleasner, I wondered what the hype was about for this product and i'd say it really lives up to its name. It doesnt irritate my skin after using this gel cleanser, which is what im mainly happy about and it removes my makeup as well. 

What I dislike about this product is the smell it has when you rub it into your face, but it fades and doesnt linger on your skin after you wash it off which is good because I sure wouldnt want to have my skin smelling like alcohol~. 

Mm thats all I can think of so ill just give my score and idea of this product :
  • removes makeup
  • cleans face well
  • suitable for sensitive skin
  • non irritable once washed off
  • Has a peculiar smell once applied to skin


My next review would be the COSRX pimple clear pads.
I loved how they instantly started to lessen my acne scars and acne after two uses. So Im guessing i wouldnt need to use the whole tub before it completely removes my acne and acne scars. which is really good in my opinion. It sure is worth the money I used to buy this product and it isnt one of the higher end products that cost you a fortune which is another bonus~~
I dont mind the smell of this product since it is unnoticeable but it does feel as if it irritates my skin after one use so I make sure to apply my eczema cream straight after to avoid having red blotches the next day.

  • Clears acne + acne scars after a couple of uses
  • unnoticeable smell
  • does what it was advertised 
  • slightly irritates sensitive skin

Ill keep this review short and sweet as there isnt much to say at this time but I am really satisfied with these products. Id have to admit I would definitely re-buy these products after I run out of each product.

Game/App review

App Review:
Pokemon GO

I know this isn't a beauty review but i've recently started playing pokemon go on my iphone and im obsessed but IT KEEPS CRASHING AND IT DOESNT LOAD. The creators should really do something about this issue. When I open the app it sometimes doesnt want to work with me and decides to stay still and not load, it really frustrates me. 
If anyone has a solution to this please comment below, im dying on the inside cause im only level 3 and I want to catch more pokemon. 
I admit, its fun but it sucks since I cant play for long periods of time without it crashing on me 

I give it a 5-6/10 cause of the errors and mistakes it has in this app.

Whats your thoughts on this game? Share your thoughts below ^^

K-Beauty Review

K-Beauty Review
Brand: Banila Co.
Hello ^^ Today I have another review from the brand /Banila Co./
I bought this facial pack quite a while back now, but to be honest I haven't really used it a lot but I'm planning on using it twice every week. I started off with using it a 3 times, but no results quite yet, so this is a rather crappy review I must say. I was hoping that after 3 uses I would see results, but I haven't noticed any yet, sadly. So I'll give it another month before editing this review.

It claims to clean out clogged pores and tighten any loose pores as well. I first heard that it would clean out any blackheads as well as soothe sensitive skin.

  • once applied to skin, it gives off a cooling effect once applied to skin
  • Doesn't give quick results [ within first 2 uses ]
To be determined

K-Beauty Review

K-Beauty Review
Brand: Banila Co.

Hello ^^ Today i'm going to review the /banila co. - white wedding dream cream/ 

I saw a couple of good reviews about this product, so i decided to buy it without looking into it a bit more ( which is a regrettable thing that I should have done ). After receiving the product, I made the mistake of applying too much, since I was trying to save up the cream that was stuck to the protective lid. So learning from my mistakes I loved how it gave me a dewy look without making me look oily after applying a little ( I guess it proves that 'a little does go a long way' ).

But since I didnt research into it a bit more, after applying it for 2 days, I had red patches on my skin. I have eczema on my face, which is really annoying so i'm guessing that it had reacted to the cream.

  • It gives a nice dewy look
  • It brightens your skin tone
  • It serves as a nice base for your makeup 

  • Its not a good product for sensitive skin
  • applying too much can make you look as if your skin is oily or too shiny

Overall I rate it a 7/10 since it did as it described but it lost a couple of points for not being able to be applied onto sensitive skin :(